Monday, December 27, 2010

Check it out!

Wow.  I am such a believer in this program...obviously, right?!  Anyway, I saw this article today & am so impressed.  If getting in shape, losing weight, feeling better, or just becoming healthier is one of your resolutions/goals/desires/wants/needs, for 2011, contact me!  {, 541.992.2464} It's worked for me and everyone I know who has done it.  And it works forever.  Please pass the word along to those in your life who might be interested.  And enjoy the article about a very successful woman!

Friday, December 10, 2010

You Fit Friday #6

Better late than never, right?!

This has been quite the week!  Our son had surgery Monday & that is one of the hardest things to go through as a parent...especially the part where they are taken away from you & there is nothing you can do about it.  The waiting part afterward is pretty nervewracking too!

While waiting, I was thinking about a lot of things.  One of the things I thought about was the following:

We were up super early.  We stayed at the hospital for several hours.  We traveled home after he was okayed to go home & I stayed glued to his side cuddling for the rest of the day.  And you know what?  I stayed on program.  I didn't eat vending machine food.  I didn't just not eat the whole day.  I took meals in my purse & I ate every 3 hours.  It was so awesome.  It was mindless & convenient and my blood sugar didn't spike & I felt great physically.  This was eye-opening for me that no matter what's going on, we can choose to make healthy choices.  We can be better.  We can choose health.  Anyway, it was pretty cool to me that I could be in a stressful & scary situation & still take care of myself in the least time consuming way so I could take the best care possible of my little guy.  Cool, huh?

Next topic: What are you giving for Christmas gifts this year?  To friends & family & neighbors?  I'm anxious to hear some great ideas-preferably non-food related items & ideas...but healthy options are a good thing too.  Please leave a comment & share for myself & other readers who are searching for something other than the regular sugary sweets we give each year.  

Here's the incentive:  should I choose to replicate your idea for some of my family & friends, you will receive a special prize!  Spread the word & share share share!

Friday, December 3, 2010

You Fit Friday #5

Two days ago I was reading a relative's blog and she had posted something that really got me thinking.  I thought it was profound and relates so much to what I struggle with in my relationship with food.  I totally have an inability to be still in my relationship with food & my emotions.  When I'm tired, stressed, or just too emotional, food is the thing I run away to.  I love this concept of working on being able to sit on things because we all know "things" are going to happen & I don't want to run to food for the rest of my life.  I want to be able to have & exercise my self control during those times.  So for today, ponder on the following & if it applies to any part of your life, think on how you might go about tackling & changing it.

"We're in the midst of a snow day here. 7 1/2 inches last night.
So--that means we're not going anywhere for the day. We've got enough milk, bread, and  dark chocolate to get us through (that last one is for me :) ). And of course, playing in the snow is always fun. So I'm OK with not going anywhere for a day...maybe two...but honestly, I don't think I could bare the thought of being stuck where I am for much longer than that.

And wow! if that thought didn't get me thinking this morning.

I am of the opinion that most addictive/compulsive behaviors result from the inability to be still. When you're hurt or angry or overwhelmed--can you honestly sit with those emotions without running to anything else? I know I have struggled with that all my life, being someone who FEELS so intensely as I do. In my early teenage years, I ran to alcohol (thank goodness I got that problem "fixed").  In my later teenage years to early 20's, I ran to some false sense of control I had created with anorexia. At other times in life, I have ran away to exercise, to men, to my computer, to television, to books, to shopping. Yeah. I'm OK admitting this because at least I've acknowledged this about myself and can try to keep ahead of it: I'm a runner-awayer. A cover-upper. A perfectionist. Moderation is not an easy concept for me to handle and I struggle with keeping myself away from addictive-compulsive behaviors.

I feel my 35  years have already been packed with a life or two worth of experiences. I feel like an old soul. Sometimes, I know, I even look it. So take this advice as if getting it from some wise man on a hill: Acknowledge a higher power than yourself. Obviously, for me, that is God, but I realize some people aren't quite ready to enter into a relationship with their Maker, and to them I say, find a thing you DO feel is greater than yourself, and get in contact with him/her/it. And then sit.

When everything inside you is screaming for you to get up, run away, do something, go somewhere, get rid of the discomfort...Just sit. And be still. And let that Higher Power talk to you. See if you can do it for 5 minutes, then 10, then 15. Until you reach a point where you are at peace and could sit there all day if you had to, or wanted to. Try it even when you're happy and want to eat a quart of Ben and Jerry's to celebrate or want to scream your accomplishments to the world. Just sit. Be still.

I can't always do it. It's a process that needs rediscovering and refining again and again because those trials and those temptations come hard and fast and are forever re-inventing themselves. But I know as I learn to master this process, I learn to master myself. And that's the most peaceful feeling in the world."