Monday, June 28, 2010


57 days ago I started a journey.   It was a journey to lose weight, feel better, get healthy, and shape up!  But mostly, it was a journey about tackling the inside stuff-you know what I'm talking about-the emotions/feelings/reasons for what & why I eat.  In just 57 days I've discovered a lot about myself.  And I'm loving the journey.  I am changing inside & out and my mindset is becoming healthier.  I am learning more about myself than I could have hoped for & am excited about the future because of this.

For a long time I have loved health.  Since I met my husband 8 years ago, it's been one of our combined loves & hobbies.  I made a lot of healthy changes & conscious decisions to become healthier when I met Z {more on this to come} and I have enjoyed the process.  I acquired my personal trainers license and loved using that to work in a couple different gyms and was privileged to have amazing clients.  I have learned much about cooking healthy foods, the best ways to lose weight & keep it off, drinking enough water, and great exercise... But along the way, I never really delved in and addressed the deep rooted issues of why I struggle so much with food.  I definitely attribute this to something called "The Jonah Complex" which I'll cover more in a later post, but it's basically my fear of being my best.  I just haven't wanted to take myself too far out of my comfort zone to address those issues, so I've shied away from them.

Until now.

About a year ago, I became a health coach for a company called Take Shape for Life.  At that point I didn't do the program myself and my heart wasn't really in it.  I love helping people reach their goals & health & people really are two of my biggest passions, but I wasn't able to devote much time to it at that point, so I didn't see how awesome the program was.  After having our second baby a few months ago, I decided it was as good a time as ever to start the program myself.  57 days ago, I did.  And in eight short weeks, I haven't looked back!  I'm helping myself reach optimal health & finally addressing those deeply rooted issues that I've fought with my entire life.  I'm helping others attain their weight loss goals and getting to coach & challenge them on a daily basis.  They are making changes and feeling amazing.  My heart is happier because I finally feel like I know I'm in the right place-doing what I was meant to do.  And that is an incredible feeling.

This blog is for me to share my personal journey with TSFL & to allow others to share their success stories as well.  My hope is that it will be an encouraging forum for individuals who are on their own journeys to health-no matter what stage they're in. I also welcome questions and constructive feedback.  If you have questions about the program or are wanting to start and would like me as your health coach, please contact me at: or through my website at:

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