Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 on Tuesday

one. hosting a weight loss info night tonight.  Come if you can, bring a friend, send a friend, or tell a stranger! If you order a lite steamer, I'll even pay for it. (:  Jolts & Juice-upper deck, Ontario Oregon.  6:30 PM.

two. I started re-reading the Habits of Health book.  It's a good one.  Lots of stuff I already know, but need to be reminded of quite often.  For instance, this time around I'm realizing things about myself I didn't before.  Like the fact that I am a total "conflict-based motivator."  Unfortunately, this type of motivation almost never leads to lasting change.  Wanna know why?  Because:
{taken from chapter 3 of HOH}
1. Emotional conflict leads you to act. {I don't fit in my jeans-I've got to do something!}
2. Because you've acted, you feel better--even if the situation hasn't changed much.
3. Feeling better takes the pressure off, lessening the emotional conflict.
4. Less emotional conflict means there's less reason to continue doing the things that reduced the conflict in the first place.
5. Since you feel better, you no longer feel a pressing need to follow through on your actions.
6. And the original behavior returns!
This is totally the way I am.  I just realized it while reading Chapter 3 in the HOH book yesterday.  It was depressing & empowering to realize it about myself.  Now-because I realize it-I have to hold myself accountable to changing the type of motivation that motivates me. (: 

three. Go here.  Click on the bottom left-hand corner entitled, "Achieving Optimal Health video." Watch said video.  So inspiring & encouraging.  If they can do it, so can you!

four. I am pretty excited about a giveaway I will have going on next week, so keep checking in to enter to win something cool!

five. Did you know you can buy Olive Garden's salad dressing by the bottle?  Yep, you can.  I did.  And, it is pretty on par with program and decently healthy if you measure out the 2 tablespoon serving.  It pretty much makes me fall in love with my salads at home!

six. my sweet brother had my name for Christmas this year and he got me this.  Completely awesome.  We've used the magic bullet personal blender for years, but this baby is just as great if not better.  Loving the ease of making the soft serve ice cream, puddings, etc.  Yum!

seven. per number 2 {see above}, I had regressed a little in my progress.  Christmas was pretty good, but the three weeks afterward kicked my trash.  Literally.  I gained back a few pounds & felt pretty miserable about myself.  Mostly because I was maintaining at my very first goal number.  However, just previously I had also decided to kick it up a notch after the holiday's and start the 5&1 strictly again to get down to my next goal, which is 135 lbs.  This was looking attainable & I had about 10 pounds to go.  But, because I gained some weight after the holidays, it put my goal even further from my reach.  After reading about conflict & emotional based motivation, I realized a little better why I do this to myself.

eight. Started hardcore-back to the basics-back on the 5&1 yesterday and feeling great.  I really do love this program, believe in it, and think it is the real & the whole deal   With that said, I finally realize that the part that needs changing is in my head.  I definitely have an addiction-like struggle with food as far as the head part goes. I know that I can change that too though & excited to just be continuing my journey toward optimal health.

nine. It's not a secret that I LOVE this soda.  However, I know that when I drink diet pops, I crave sugar & carbs more often.  By using them as my "sweet treat," I'm usually wanting more.  So I know this habit has got to go.  It's going to be a slow process & I don't know when I'm going to wean or cut myself off completely, but at least I'm conscious of the fact that it does need to stop! (:

ten. I am not a big "resolution" setter, but I am a huge goal setter throughout the year, so I thought I'd share a couple of them with you today.  I'd love to hear yours, so feel free to email, leave a comment, or post on my facebook page {You Fit Forever} to let me know.

January Goals
-Be aware of the choices I make concerning food.  Mindlessness is the enemy.
-Keep a food journal {especially when I'm in maintenance or if I eat something off-program}
-Walk or do some other form of exercise 5 days a week for 20-30 minutes.
-Drink 100 oz. of water minimum each day

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  1. wow didn't have to go very far down this post... Emotional Eating. BINGO